Each person has a choice to evolve, meaning change, or stay the same.  For some of you have previously followed my blog, I have changed!  Gone is the needy woman who was seeking the approval and attention of others, thankfully.  I have grown and changed and it is now time to use this space for the placement of thoughts that traverse my mind.

For those of you whom happenstance has caused you to stumble across these words that I write I hope they cause you to think and to ponder upon how things could be different if one only put forth the effort.   My thoughts are not unique they are just things that I think and wonder about and need to get out of my head so I vomit them out on the world wide internet webs!

I am first and foremost a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.  Without God in my life and the direction of the Holy Spirit I would not be who I am today.   It is my relationship with Him that has grown me from an immature child who desires selfish things to one who desire to serve others.  It is such a joyous thing my friends, nothing feels better than to help other people.

I am a wife to an amazing man.  He is a pastor of a non denominational church and he started it from a beginning service of about 8, most of whom were my employees, and we are now serving 300-400 people any given sunday.   God is so good.   He loves me in spite of myself and my shortcomings and puts up with my crankiness.   I could not ask for a better husband.  I have two amazing children who I try to do my best to raise and it is so hard.   Being a mother, a parent is not for the weak at heart!

Most of my time is spent being a veterinarian.   It was my life long dream and it is who I am.   I spend my days in a clinic that I gave to God and He has blessed me incredibly with busy days and a wonderful staff and great clients.

I am very passionate about hustling kindness and am involved in charities that promote awareness of childhood cancer and life threatening illness.   There so many hurting people and children out there that just need a small show of kindness to change their day and maybe their whole life.

Thank you for reading and following if you desire.   Life is so full of opportunities to change the world, will you change it?


5 Responses to “About”

  1. If you need or want to talk, shoot me an email. Pondering is a wonderful distraction and can help provide a different perspective.

  2. I’m still around Just taking a sabbatical. Refueling the insanity and refilling my Dork Tank.

  3. Joe Figaro Says:

    Great attitude and approach towards life, faith, family, training, service to humanity.
    Keep it up!

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