The Desires of Ones Heart


“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

“He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them.” Psalm 145:19


What are the desires of your heart?  Have you ever sat down and written them out?  Have you ever thought about what YOU need to do to get them?  I mean, really thought about the requirements that it takes?  Do you pray and pray all the time for them and then wonder why you arent getting those desires even though you are a christian?  Have you inspected your life to see where you might be rationalizing sin and therefore not qualifying yourself for the desires of your heart?

I stopped by the church today as I do most days after my workout for time spent in prayer.   The church is open from 6:30-7:30 for people to come and join in prayer and few people do it.  I stop in for maybe 5-10 mins because I feel like God wants me to dedicate more of myself and my time to Him.  Today I was a bit late and it was only David there praying, which to be honest is the usual, and he sat down next to me and prayed for the church and then prayed for me and he prayed that God would give me the desires of my heart.  As I was driving home, I thought, what are the desires of my heart?  I can tell you that God has drastically changed them in just the past few weeks.

When I got to the office I went to the girls and handed them a notebook and told them to write down the desires of their heart.  They all looked at me a bit oddly but given I am the boss they could not not do it. :)  (I love being boss)  It was interesting to read them and I imagine that they would be pretty much the same for most people if they were asked.  There was the desire for joy and happiness and health and family and becoming who God wanted them to be.  Devris was the most amazing to me as she has just really started embracing God and seeking His face.  She wrote on how she wanted to be a better mother, wife and friend and she wanted to help people who were hurting and struggled or were struggling as she had.  I am telling you, that is an awesome hearts desire!

I am sure you are wondering what my hearts desire is? :)  A few weeks ago I am not sure I would have had much of an answer.  I am truly blessed to do what I love each day and to have a wonderful family.  I am sure it would have consisted of being a better leader in the church and a godly example to my children, staff and clients but in the past couple of week God has laid on my heart to prepare myself for missions work.  And not missions work for animals but for children!!

Now those who know me know that I dont particularly care for children.  Yes, I know, I am a terrible horrible person but I have never had this need to hold and coddle babies or play with other peoples children.  But it isnt about me or what I want.  I think that is where we get so off on our hearts desires, our hearts desires should be about what God wants!  When we are putting God first in our life, 100% first than we want to do what He wants because we know the blessings that it will produce and the joy it will bring!  When God is first in our life the joy and the happiness and the health and family and all of that are already in Gods hands and we dont need to worry about them!  When God is first our hearts desires are about others!  When God is first our hearts desire is about loving like Jesus loved!  The rest of the stuff doesnt matter because we KNOW that God has it all under control!

My hearts desire is to go into the nations that have nothing and love the children!!  I know those of you who know me are shaking your heads like it is crazy!  But it isnt about me!  You see it is about God!  Everyday I treat animals and I try to fix animals that are helpless to fix themselves.  Children are helpless to fix themselves!  Not saying that they are equivalent to animals but they have the same capabilities!  An adult can make choices and do things to try and make things better for themselves, children and animals rely on someone else to do that for them!  My hearts desire is to go and make a difference in the care of those who are helpless!

I dont know when or how or what it is going to be but I know that God is building it in my heart!  I dont need anything else that is of worldly importance!  The more I give of myself, the more God is going to fill me with His love and there is nothing that can beat that!  I know that if I go unto all the world and love the helpless then God is going to keep my children and He is going to take care of everything else that needs taken care of!   What more could my heart desire?!

Jesus gave up His life for ours!  We are called to live and love as Jesus did!  When we are putting God first then we shouldnt be worried about the stuff that the world is worrying about!  We will know that we know that we know that God has it all under control and that anything that happens to us is allowed by Him and if it is allowed by Him than its all going to be ok regardless of the outcome!  When we do not place God first in our lives than we are worried about our life and our things and about our happiness.  That selfishness will separate us from God because it leads us to trying to get that way by what the world says will fulfill those things!  It leads us to rationalization of our sins and our feelings and our choices instead of walking by the word!  God gives the desires to those who fear Him and He hears their prayers!   But when we try life on our own feelings and thoughts that lead us into opposition with the word then we arent fearing God and we arent getting our prayers heard and we arent going to be getting the desires of our hearts!

What are the desires of your heart?

One Response to “The Desires of Ones Heart”

  1. I believe in you and the desire that God is placing in you.

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