The Road to Relentless- a weeks worth of workouts – week 6

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I am a very huge slacker, horrible, terrible, no good blogger!  It is a good thing that I make my living at being a veterinarian and  not a blogger because I would starve and be living on the streets!  I will say that I find it amazing that people can actually make a living blogging.  Good for them.   I couldnt do it because to be honest, to be a good blogger you need to be either controversial, which I can be but I dont argue well because, well because I want to win and I want everyone to see my point!  Or you have to be real artsy crafty or funny of which I am none of those!  So, I work on saving peoples pets or just taking care of them.  I would love to work all day just saving them, that makes my job awesome but there are more just taking care of then there is saving.  Ah well, I love it all!

So picking up from a week ago when I last put forth the effort to post a workout!  Saturday Zac had a football game so I got up early and headed off to the gym.

upper body explosive


I cant remember any of what I did:/  It wasnt that great anyway.


After workout was football.  Zacs team actually won a game!  They only played him on offense which was ok from the standpoint that he kept his energy up and he played very well but I really missed watching him on defense.  Blocking isnt that exciting to watch but having him pressuring the quarterback or chasing the receiver is cool:)


Pre game!








He is so handsome:)


This poor kid got crushed a few times.


Great smile after the game!



He won the hammer award!!


After the game I decided it was a good time to move all my hay since I couldnt find any young kid who wanted to work to earn some money!   It sucked but it makes one feel good after a few hours of doing hard labor.


Before (dont mind the dead horse covered up by the tarp)


After!  My horses think they are at the all you can eat buffet.


Sunday was church and then Devri did my finger nails.  We had a nice chat and amazingly enough there were no emergencies or interruptions.

Monday morning it was back up at 3:45 and off to the gym for some squats.

lower body max


*45# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 5

*135# for 5

*155# for 3

*175# for 3

*185# for 3

*195# for 3

*205# for 3
box pause squats

*155# for 2 sets of 5

db RDL

*65# for 3 sets of 8


band leg curls

*single for 2 sets of 12, double for 2 sets of 12


serrano split squats

*3 sets of 8

incline situps

*2 sets of 20




It has been a very busy week at the office and for the most part there was not much exciting the first few days just a lot of people and pets coming in the door that needed help.

We had a night of some pretty cool sunsets at football practice.





They also took team pictures!




Wednesday was up at off to the gym for some bench.  I was all happy because I had finally remembered to order bands and they had come in tuesday afternoon.  I got to the gym wednesday morning and was getting stuff ready and I realized that it was only one band😦  Really, only one.  My common sense mind just figured that there would be two since it seems like 95% of the time you always use two.  Anyway, one more week of not using bands so it was just plain heavy bench.


upper body max


*45# for 10

*65# for5

*95# for 5

*115# for 5

*135# for 3

*145# for 1

*150# for 1

*155# for 1

*135# for 2 sets of 3

incline db press

*40# for 3 sets of 10


barbell rows

*115# for 5 sets of 10


Y&T incline

*10# for 3 sets of 12


rope pushdowns

*90# for 4 sets of 10


cable rope curls

*90# for 4 sets of 10


incline situps

*2 sets of 20



Yesterday brought in a bone surgery on a cat.  I am always amazed when someone actually wants to fix a broken bone on a cat as most people around here seem to think of them as disposable and opt to have them euthanized and just get another one.







It came together pretty well.

The kids spent the night at their aunts house last night and so it was early to bed and I was so unprepared for the alarm to go off this morning.


lower body explosive


*45# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 5

*135# for 5

*155# for 5

*165# for 7 sets of 1 (which was supposed to be 2 but I am stupid and for some reason only did 1:/ )





*135# for 5

8185# for 5

*225# for 6 set of 1

back raises

*140# for 5 sets of 12


seated leg curls

*105# for 4 sets 10

incline situps

*2 sets of 20



I am so glad it is friday.  I think my patience meter is way past expired!  I am going to try to get up early tomorrow and get to the gym and get my workout in before Zacs game in Morenci.  It is his birthday tomorrow and we are having a surprise, not surprise, party for him that afternoon.  He didnt want any of his classmates nor any of his football team to come.  He is such the introvert.  So there will be a jumping castle for him, Emma, and Peanut and baby Ganin if he comes.



The Road to Relentless- lower and upper body- week 5

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It took me most of the day to get the last post done so I am just going to combine these two workouts and try and get this done before it gets any later and I get any further behind.

Sunday was a good day consisting of church and emergencies and some football and a lot of rain.  It started to rain and it poured for about an hour and it rained!!


looking out the front door.








Charlie loved it but the horses not so much.




The sunset was beautiful!


I got up monday and headed off to the gym.  For some reason Julias attachment for my weekly program didnt come through and at 4 am in morning I dont have much time to be exchanging emails so I went back a few weeks and did a workout I had sucked on and imagine that I sucked at it again:/


safety bar squats

*62# for 5

*82# for 5

*102# for 5

*152# for 3

*172# for 3

*192# for horrible terrible no good nothings


box squats

*165# for 3 sets of 5


glute/ham raises

*3 sets of 12


single leg squats w rear leg elevated

*25# db for 3 sets of 8


single leg glute bridge

*3 sets of 10


side bends

*45# for 3 sets of 10


incline situps

*2 sets of 20

it was a very disappointing workout😦



Work has been the usual stuff which makes it a bit boring but at least it is busy and that is good.

Zac has been doing well at practice and he is working hard and it seems like everything is getting better since the  disaster of saturday.  One of his teammates came up to me monday night and asked if I knew that they had given Zac a nickname.  I told him no and he informed me that they called him Moose!   Zac is not convinced yet that moose is a good strong name but we have all assured him that it is.


Rolled out of bed at 3:45 this morning and off to the gym.


Upper body


*45# for 5

*65# for 5

*75# for 5

*95# for 5

*115# for 3

*135# for 3

pin press

*145# for 1

*155# for fail

*150# for 1

*155# for 1

*160# for 1


learned that one cant relax when the weight touches the pins but rather must stay tight and touch and go.


incline db press

*35# for 4 sets of 10


incline db chest supported rows

*35# for 4 sets of 12


rolling db extensions

*20# for 6 sets of 8


Y&T incline

*10# for 3 sets of 12


The Y


And the T

incline situps

*2 sets of 20



We are very short staffed today but it was alright because we havent been super busy.  Wednesdays are our slowest day and it has been consistent today but not crazy.

We are waiting for a chihuahua to come in from Pima that has been trying to have puppies since 3 yesterday.  Nothing like rushing it right in.  And as is typical of such dystocias the owners dont have any money.  Drives me crazy that people let their little dogs get knocked up and then get mad because they actually are expected to pay to save its life.

The Road to Relentless- upper body – week 4

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Ugh, I hate it when I get behind on my posts.  Like anything, the further behind one gets, the less you want to actually do it.  But I am going to get them done.  I will post Saturdays workout by itself since it will contain football pics.

I had an emergency call at 3 am on saturday morning.  I can tell you that I am generally not super pleasant about being woken up at that time for something that is not necessarily an emergency and this wasnt really an emergency.  And to make it worse the person didnt have enough money to pay the bill and they werent from this area so I wasnt even sure I would ever get paid.  Anyway, I took care of the dog and took xrays and did blood work and sent her on her way.  I figured since I was up I might as well go to the gym before Zacs game.

upper body


*45# for 5

*65# for 5

*75# for 5

*95# for 5

*105# for 16,16,14


military press

*65# for 3 sets of 8


bench dips

*3 sets of 12


reverse grip pulldowns

*100# for 3 sets of 10



*40# for 100


incline situps

*2 sets of 20


After the workout it was home to shower and then off to get water and such for Zacs game and then to the game.    They wanted the kids there an hour early so they could put stickers on their helmets and then warm up.  We had to get there even earlier because Zac is a freak about not wanting to be late.  I think it is his introvert self not wanting to stick out in any way.

There were a couple of flag football games going and it was hot and humid.  The flag games didnt get over until after 10 and I dont think Zacs game got started until about 10:30.  It was miserably sticky and the whole team played horribly!  Zac was so lethargic and he didnt block and he wouldnt do anything on defense, it was bad.  They pulled him out and he pretty much collapsed down on the water cooler.  I figured he would be off given he had been so sick the first of the week but he was playing really bad.   What makes it worse is that when he gets pulled out he gets discouraged and instead of trying harder, he gives up and does worse.  He does not respond well to being disciplined or getting in trouble and he just withdrawals and gives up.  Zac is a kid that needs encouragement to get him trying harder.  It takes instruction and praise and he will try, it is just who he is and how he does best.  I tried to do both on the sidelines, yes, I am one of those moms, and I told him I was proud when he did something good and told him that I expected more when he did something bad.  He is a mammas boy and he probably over values my praise and shuts me out when I try to correct but I try to do my best to help him be the best that he can be.

They got shut out and it was a very bad game for the whole team as it wasnt just Zac who was way off.  Thinking back on it I think maybe they had them outside in the heat and full pads and helmets for too long in the heat and humidity and they kids were tanked by the time they got on the field.  We are used to high heat but we dont do humidity here in the desert and it was probably 80% humidity and I was drenched just standing on the sidewalk!  Young kids like that dont know enough to eat properly and to hydrate adequately and to maintain their electrolytes properly so when they are done, they are done!  And the whole team was done!  Hopefully this weekend things will be better.  If nothing else I think I will show up late with Zac so he isnt out there as long before hand.  They rarely start on time so he can show up about 5 til and be warmed up in plenty of time.




Zac was chosen to be team captain and I was so excited and so was he.



The coach really tried to pep talk the offensive line at half time,







His one good play where he got a hold of the receiver.   He needs to learn to grip better and pull them down with him.


He still did a little bit of running after the ball carrier.



By the end of the game he was wore out.

I took him to dairy queen and we lightly talked about the game and what he could do better and trying hard even when we dont feel like it.  He is a good kid and he will come back fine.  When we got home I had to do a leg amputation and he was my assistant and held the leg up for me while I cut it off.  Being the great mom that I am I told him that if he didnt play better next week I was going to cut his leg off😀


The Road to Relentless- squats and deads- week 4

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Well the crud made it to Emma on wednesday and she stayed home from school wednesday and thursday.  Thursday she had a 102-103 fever all day and was pretty miserable.  I felt bad for her and she is a very good sick patient these days.  She used to be excessively whiny but now she handles it all well and takes care of herself at home all day with me just checking on her in between surgeries and appointments.  She slept on the floor by my bed last night and is doing much better today.


Given that I had another sick child, I didnt sleep great last night and got up at 3:45 before I could think about not going.

squats and deads


squats- explosive

*45# for 5

*95# for 5

*115# for 5

*135# for 5

*145# for 10 sets of 2 with < 60 sec rest



snatch grip deads

*185# for 4 sets of 4



last week was the first week I had ever done these so I stayed light and moved up a bit this week.  They are an interesting lift and I am yet undecided as to how much I like or dislike them.


Romanian Deadlift

*275# for 3 sets of 8


my deads are totally horrible sucking right now.  I lost a ton of strength during the last program as it was a struggle to pull these and it really shouldnt have been.


ball leg curls

*3 sets of 12

these are a lot more tricky then they should be.


Hanging leg raises



The morning was pretty busy with both Dr Sanders and I being busy until after noon.  Those are my favorite kind of day.  Dr Sanders and Jenn left this afternoon for Sedona for a meeting and Devri and I have been keeping up with the afternoon appointments like awesome people:)

Tomorrow Zac has his game at 10 am here at one of the local high schools.  We have to be there at 9 so they can get some stickers on their helmets and get warmed up.  I am going to try and get my workout in before taking him to his football game.  Try being the operative word.  I would like to sleep in but I would rather come home from football and hang out with the family then have to go to the gym.

The Road to Relentless- bench- week 4

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Yesterday Devri, Mary and I made a trip to phoenix for a little girls day.  We had some appointments and then did some shopping and ate good steak and came home and it was a great day.  We should do things like that more often! (hint, hint)  We are apparently getting what is left of the tropical storm Odile and therefore lots of rain for us and the possibility of flooding.  I love it and yes there might be a bit of flooding but overall I think everything is going to be fine.  :)

Up this morning at 3:45 and off to the gym.  With this rainy weather comes significantly swollen and sore joints and it makes for not enjoyable lifting and me not getting the numbers I would like.:/



*45# for 8

*75# for 6,

*95# for 5

*110# for 2

*120# for 3 paused

*130# for 2 paused, although I forgot to pause on the first one:/

two board bench

*145# for 2

*155# for 2

*165# for 2

I suck!  Should have been able to get more weight but 165# was heavy

db floor press

*40# for 4 sets of 10


incline pullups

*45# for 2 sets of 15

*65# for 2 sets of 10


rear flyes

*15# for 4 sets of 15

bench dips

*4 sets of 15


hammer bar curls

*35# for 4 sets of 10


incline situps

*2 sets of 20

It has been a very quiet day at the clinic with the rain.  All our surgeries came in and we had a bunch of walk ins and such but the phone has not hardly rang at all.

We started the day with a blood transfusion on a little dog that was probably bit by a spider.  The poor thing is losing blood fast and was going to die if we didnt do something.




Then it was on to the rest of everything with the last surgery being a bladder stone removal in an old fat yellow lab!!




As soon as I am done here at the office I am going to go take some pics of the rain.:)


The Road to Relentless- squats and benching- week 4 and 3

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Well, I was going to try to get my weekend workout done on saturdays from here until Relentless but it didnt happen this weekend.  I had good intentions but unfortunately life happens.  Saturday morning was up at 5 am and out the door at 7 to head up to Morenci for Zacs football game.  It was overcast and cool and perfect football weather.




They got creamed, destroyed, run over the top of but they played hard and didnt give up.  They definitely seem to get things figured out better in the second half and they actually had a couple of good runs and scored two touchdowns.  Zac did great and was awesome on defense putting pressure on the quarterback frequently.  He chased after the ball carrier frequently but as of yet hasnt learned to jump and tackle yet but he will get there.  I figure once he does it once he is going to realize how great it is to tackle someone and he will be tough to get away from.








He was always headed towards the ball.  Very very proud of him!


Two dogs decided to join in.  Those are going to be some ugly pups!





He had the toughest blocking assignment and did great.


some oranges for half time.






By the end he was exhausted and got in the back of the truck and slept all the way home with his head in his sweaty, stinky pads!

After football was a couple of emergencies and then Devri did my nails and by the time we were done it was too late to go to the gym as there would have been way too many people there and my little boy needed some mamma time so we headed home for dinner and a movie.

Sunday was up and off to church.  I had a couple of emergencies after church and then I headed off to the gym.

speed bench


*45# for 4

*65# for 5

*75# for 5

*95# for 5

*100#  for 3 sets of 3 with three varying hand grips


floor press

*155# for 4

*145# for 4

*135# for 2 sets of 5


I totally sucked at these!  They felt very awkward and heavy and I sucked at them.


lat pulldowns

*120# for 5 sets of 8


side laterals

*15# for 3 sets of 15


skullcrushers SS w rear flys

*55# for 3 sets of 10 SS w 15# for 3 sets of 15


incline situps

*2 sets of 20


The rest of the day was football and taking care of Zac who came down with a 103.1 fever and thought he was dying.  Men are very dramatic when they are sick and it starts very young!!  Not that he didnt feel like dirt but crying and screaming and being dramatic doesnt make one feel any better in fact I think it makes one feel worse.  He woke up at 10pm vomiting and so I put the sofa mattress beside my bed and he slept there the rest of the night and didnt wake up any more so that was good although I didnt sleep well listening for him and worrying about him.

Got up at 3:45 and headed off to the gym with Finn laying next to Zac on his mattress and they were both sleeping soundly.


high box squats

*45# for 5

*65# for 5

*95# for 5

*115# for 5

*135# for 3

*155# for 3

*175# for 3

*185# for 3

I wasnt doing to well on these this morning.  Not sure what my problem was but my legs kept collapsing in and I just felt weak and uncoordinated:/


Safetly bar squats

*122# for 5

*132# for 5

*142# for 5

*152# for 5

*162# for 5


These didnt come together until the last set.


back raises – machine

*140# for 3 sets of 10

still too light


damn serrano split squats

*3 sets of 5


band hip abductors

*3 sets of 15


incline situps

*2 sets of 20



When I got home Zac was still sick and Emma wanted really bad to be sick.  Zac had a 102 fever but Emma was normal so I gave her a tylenol and took her to school.  Zac came back to the clinic and hung out all day.  By the end of the day he was feeling much better and thankfully Dr Sanders helped him with all his homework so he is ready for school tomorrow given he is fever free.


The Road to Relentless- box squats and deads- week 3

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I am so glad it is friday!!  This week has been busy and I am grateful for that because busy keeps the bills paid which keep Mary happy which makes me happy.  I am also glad because Zac doesnt have football practice on fridays with Eagle black so it is night of getting off work and going home and hanging out with the family which I like.  I told Zac that tonight I would sit on the couch and watch a movie with him.  He is very much a mommas boy and I am fine with that.  He has been very stressed with school and when he gets this way he needs more time as that is his love language and I am happy to oblige.

Had an emergency last night at about midnight.  Thankfully it didnt take long and I was headed back home within about 20 mins.  I did stub my big toe and take off some skin on a board that was on the sidewalk which then bled all over my sock and shoe this morning at the gym.

box squats and deads

box squats

*45# for 5

*95# for 5

*115# for 5

*125# for 10 sets of 2


The working sets are done with minimal rest between sets.  They felt good and I really tried to concentrate on keeping my lats tight and it is amazing how much that helps with not falling forward.  A good trainer is worth their weight in gold.


snatch grip deads

*135# for 3 sets of 5


I went light on these because I had never done them and wasnt really sure what to expect.  They werent bad and next time I will use more weight.



*225# for 3 sets of 10


another first with these.  I watched a video on them before hand and tried to do them as instructed.  Next time I think I will do them in a rack so I can save myself the initial pull off the ground and concentrate on pushing my butt out and not bending at the back.


reverse hyperextensions

*3 sets of 20


hole in the wall gym doesnt have a reverse hyper machine so I googled some options and used a ball on a bench and that seemed to work well.


ab curls

*80# for 45

This was supposed to be 3 sets of 15 but I was running out of time so did them all as one set, obviously I need to add more weight.



Today was very very busy.  We got a good start to the day but with Dr Sanders gone there were a ton of walk ins and surgeries and we didnt get done until after 12:30.  I went home at lunch and laid down for a little bit and then headed back over to the clinic for the afternoon craziness.

Tomorrow Zac has a football game at 9 am at morenci so we have to leave about 7:30 to get up there in time for warm up and such.  Cant wait to watch him play.



Charlie keeping an eye on practice last night.




Somebody got some rain somewhere but it wasnt us.



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