The Road to Relentless- bench and stuff- week 14

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I am not the most super friendly person and I dont have a bunch of facebook friends, intentionally :)  Although I now with Relentless I have a super bunch of friends that live all over the country and that is kind of cool.  The problem with having friends that are all involved in the same thing is that all of us are trying to raise money for Relentless so that leaves my few non Relentless friends as the ones that I hope will donate $5 or more, to my fundraising efforts.  It went off like gangbusters and I got to over $1500 and then boom, now nothing for a week :(

So I thought maybe I should educate myself and those of you who read this on childhood cancer and then maybe, just maybe you will feel lead to donate a small amount especially if you have awesomely healthy children, or grandchildren, of your own.

  • Childhood cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death among children and adolescents (ages 1 to 19 years) in the United States, although cancer among children is rare.
  • The causes of childhood cancer are not well understood.
  • Survival rates for most childhood cancers vary widely across cancer types. Survival rates for some cancers have improved in recent years, and, overall, more than 80 percent of children and adolescents who are diagnosed with cancer live at least 5 years after their diagnosis. However, for some childhood cancer types, survival rates remain low.
  • Children and adolescents who have been treated for cancer need regular follow-up care for the rest of their lives because they are at risk of late side effects that can occur many years later, including second cancers.
  • Although cancer in children is rare, it is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States. In 2014, it is estimated that 15,780 children and adolescents ages 0 to 19 years will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,960 will die of the disease in the United States.
  • Survivors of childhood cancer need follow-up care and enhanced medical surveillance for the rest of their lives because of the risk of complications that can occur many years after they complete treatment for their cancer. Health problems that develop months or years after treatment has ended are known as late effects. Indeed, long-term follow-up analysis of a cohortof survivors of childhood cancer treated between 1970 and 1986 has shown that cancer survivors remain at risk of complications and premature death as they age, with more than half of survivors having experienced a severe or disabling complication or even death by the time they reach age 50 years (19). It is not known whether children treated in more recent periods will experience similar risks of late complications.


  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses resulting from pediatric cancer center have been shown to average $34,558 over the course of the treatment.
  • Families are often faced with additional non-medical expenditures associated with traveling to and from the treatment institution, accommodations and meals away from home, as well as daycare for other young children at home. These non-medical out-of-pocket expenses associated with providing treatment for the cancer child have been shown to average 38% of the family’s gross annual income.
  • An average treatment cost can be approximately half a million dollars per child.


Thats a lot of money!  When I graduated from vet school that was my entire yearly salary!  How does a family pay for that?  Not only that but what if you have other kids?  They need clothes and food and some attention too.  It has to be a nightmare!  I can not even imagine the stress that it adds to life to know that your child is sick and you need to be with them and you cant work and it is going to cost you a years salary that you dont have!!!!

Please, consider donating a small amount.  It can be done anonymously so if you dont want any attention, you dont have to have any!  Thank you!


Because I am leaving for Denver to get educated on doing TTAs in dogs tomorrow morning I went to the gym today and did my bench workout.


bench and stuff


*45# for 20

*65# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*125# for 3

*135# for 2

*145# for 1

*155# for 1

*125# for 5 sets of 5

*105# for 15



These felt pretty good today.  I was hoping that I would feel stronger on the 125#!








Incline situps

*2 sets of 20



It has been a pretty good day!  The morning surgery schedule was pretty smooth and we got done about 11 ish.  We had a going away party for Tritton and Starla at noon and then it has been a very busy afternoon.

We finished the day with a race horse that was stopping after about three jumps out of the gate.  The trainer wanted it to be lame but he wasnt.  He has bad lungs so we are treating him and will recheck him again in a month.

Dr Sanders is here and I am soooooo happy.  She is going to be covering for me while I am gone this weekend.  Praise God for a great answer to prayer!


The Road to Relentless- squats and deads- week 14

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I am going to try very hard to not be so lazy that I dont get this post done today!  Cant have Diane all worried that something is wrong just because I am being lazy!!

Things have been pretty busy at the office this week, well except for today, today has been pretty slow.  Monday we had an english bulldog pup come in with a fractured elbow.  So I got to fix my second lateral condylar fracture in two weeks.  At this rate I am going to get pretty good at them :)


Up this morning and out the door.

squats and deads



*45# for 20

*95# for 10

*115# for 5

*135# for 4

*155# for 3

*165# for 2

*185# for 1

*205# for 1

*165# for 8 sets of 5


I have struggled with feeling like the bar was going to roll off my back so I moved it up about an inch and it felt so much better there then in a true low bar position.  Sometimes you just got to try something a little different.



I really tried to just concentrate on keeping my feet flat and pushing my knees out.  It must have worked because Paul actually told me I did a good job on squats today.  Maybe there is hope for me yet!



*225# for 3

*275# for 3

*295# for 3

*245# for 2 sets of 3

*225# for 2 sets of 3


I just pulled, I didnt think, I just pulled.  Paul said these were good as well but I am not so sure I agree with him because they felt slow and weak to me.


incline situps

*2 sets of 20

so happy to be making myself do abs again.  nothing beats having abs :)



We had a dog come in today that I did surgery on about a month ago.  He is a rock eater and he had a blockage from a rock, his second time, and I opened him up and took three rocks out.  His owner called last night and said he was depressed and vomiting again so they brought him down this morning and sure enough, another rock.   The owner was contemplating just euthanizing him because they still owe on their last bill and I talked him out of it.  I looked at the x rays again and told Natalie to put in an IV catheter and we would try super hydrating him and see if that along with some motility stimulant wouldnt get the rock moved out.



Praise the Lord it did and when we xrayed him in the afternoon the rock was in the colon.


We had a small little chihuahua that I had to amputate the leg on because the owners seem to think it is alright for the grandchildren to use it as a toy and they dropped it, for the second time, and broke its leg again.  They brought the dog in a few days after and the leg was literally at a 90 degree angle.  They didnt have any money and I had big doubts that the leg would heal given it had been that way for several days so we amputated it.


She is a sweet little dog and I hope they will take better care of her and NOT let the kids touch her any more!

I am headed to Denver on friday so will be doing my benching tomorrow.  I have a lab on doing TTA’s in dogs for cranial cruciate repairs.  I am excited to learn and am hoping it is something I can do frequently enough to become proficient at.  One should never stop trying to improve their skills!

The Road to Relentless- incline bench and stuff- week 14

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I am feeling very lazy right now.  I think one day I am going to invest in a recliner to put back here in the surgery room so I can be all cozy and comfy :)  Then my techs will really not be happy with me because I would never want to leave it :D

The weekend was good.  Saturday we had Emmas birthday party and got rain and or sandblasted out of the park and had to move everything down to the basement.   Being the terrible mother that I am I failed to take any pictures.  But she was very happy with everyone who came and all the presents she got and so, life is good.  She is such a good kid that she makes things easy for me!

Sunday was church and home and do as little as possible.  There were a few emergencies but overall it was a pretty quiet weekend with some pretty awesome rain storms.

Up this morning at 3:50 and off to the gym.


incline and stuff

incline bench

*45# for 20

*65# for 10

*95# for 5

*105# for 4

*115# for 3

*120# for 2

*125# for 1

*95# for 16,16,16,15


happy with my numbers here.  They are getting better, not great but I will take every little increase with a smile :)



db press

*40# for 7

*35# for 7,8,6


totally sucked on these.  :(  My shoulder strength is terrible and it seems to be getting worse and not better!



db rows

*50# for 3 sets of 20



bb curls

*45# for 3 sets of 25


I should have done one more set but I was way out of time



incline situps

*2 sets of 20



Since I should have posted this two days ago I am going to end it here and attempt to do a better job getting todays workout post done on time :)  A friend of mine sent me a text last night asking if everything was ok because I hadnt posted my workout Monday!  I have just been incredibly lazy the past few days and havent put forth the effort or time into finishing my post.    Terrible, I know!

The Road to Relentless- front squats and stiffs- week 13

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Today is my beautiful birdies birthday!  She is 10 years old.  It is amazing to think that it has been that long!  She is such a great kid and very mature!  I am most certainly blessed!


She looks so beautiful!


Her cake for tomorrow.

I am very glad it is friday, I am ready for it to be friday!  Tomorrow is Emmas birthday party.  I should have probably done it tonight but the thought of being around people any longer is not enticing!!  So tomorrow at 6 pm we will go down to the local splash park with some pizza and subs and all the heathens can play and us adults will all look at our watches and or phones and wonder when it will  be ok to leave!

Stayed up last night and watched “The parent trap” with the kids.  It has been years since I have seen it.  It was not the original but the one with Lindsey Lohan.  What a shame that she took such a turn as she was a very talented actress.  We got a late start and it was a long movie and we got to bed way past bedtime, like 9:30 :)  Yes, that is way past bedtime!

Up this morning at 3:50 and off to the gym for some squatting.


Front squats and stiffs

front squats

*45# for 20

*45# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*135# for 3

*155# for 2

*165# for 1

*135# for 5 sets of 5


I was finally a tiny bit better on these today.  I tried really hard to not think and just squat and drive up, squat and drive up.



*205# for 2 sets of 5

*185# for 2 sets of 8


nothing spectacular.


Incline situps

*2 sets of 20




It has been a pretty good day today.  We didnt have very many surgeries today but the ones we did have took longer and werent your everyday spay or neuter.   I like days like that.

The first surgery was a prophylactic gastropexy on a bloodhound.  I am getting pretty good at these and they dont take much time any more.  Tritton scrubbed in and he thought it was awesome.  It is always more enjoyable when there is someone who is excited about what you are doing.


Then we did a bilateral entropian with nares excision on an english bulldog puppy.  The poor thing is going to have a tough life because it doesnt breathe very well even with the opened up nose.  I thought it looked pretty cute with its cone but the owner was not impressed and called him horrid looking.



The last surgery was a leg amputation that bled like a son of a bitch.  Good thing he was a big dog and if nothing else when everything heals up he will be a much happier dog!!


The afternoon has been consistent and now we are just waiting for the clock to roll around to 5 pm so we can all go home.  I think we will take Emma out to eat, she will like that.


Please make a donation to Relentless.  Children are precious gifts and one never knows when something might happen!  The expense of illness and cancer is astronomical not too mention the emotional toll of knowing that your child is sick and you bills are going unpaid.

The Road to Relentless- bench and tris – week 13

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I am still cranky!  And I have cramps!  And I am cranky!

Last night we had a staff meeting after we closed and everybody hates staff meetings, mostly me!  I get up and ramble for 30-60 minutes and everybody nods and then everything goes back exactly as it was.

We were just finishing up with the meeting when I had some horses come in for x rays.   So the dang x ray machine picks then to stop working.    I somehow beat it and swore at it enough that I managed to get the x rays that i needed accomplished but it took forever.  Thankfully they are great clients and I always enjoy visiting with them although I am sure that they had way better things to do then sit around for an hour while I prayed that the stupid machine would take a picture.   I had another horse come in today for x rays and it wouldnt work at all.  I called the company and the guy was stumped, he had never seen one do that before so it is off to New York to get fixed :(  By the time I pay for shipping and fixing it is going to be $1000 but I cant be without one so…….

The phone rang this morning at 3:45 and there was a woman on the phone whose little dog had just gone into labor.  I told her to give her a few hours and if she hadnt gotten a puppy out by 7:30 to bring her in.  With that I headed off to the gym.

bench and tris



*45# for 20

*65# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*125# for 3

*135# for 2

these were sooooo slow!

*145# for 1

*155# for 1

I should have stopped there because it was slow and difficult but NOOOOO i am not that smart :/

*160# for total fail and just about smashed my face *facepalm*  I am stupid!!








Incline situps

*2 sets of 20

I was supposed to do db lying tri extensions but I was way out of time.



Got back home and showered and headed over to the clinic.  The little pregnant dog was there and Natalie and Devri were working on a TPR.  X rays showed 6 babies that looked like they should be able to pass but the mamma was in very very bad shape.  I talked to the owner and they elected to have a c section done and so we whisked her off to surgery.  When I opened her up there was green fluid everywhere!  That is not good!!   I got the puppies out and the uterus out and went looking for the hole that had to be somewhere in the bowel.   There was a large hole in the stomach where she had had an ulcer perforate.  I freshened the edges and sewed it up and flushed her abdomen.  I dont know if the poor little thing will make it but she seems to be doing pretty well tonight.




The rest of the day was very busy but just with the usual stuff.  I am ready to go home and go to bed but I think I am going to go tan first :)

The Road to Relentless- squats and deads- week 13

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I am cranky this afternoon :/   There are days when I like being cranky but today is not one of them.  Most of the people who have known me for a long time will probably not believe this but my mom says that I was the happiest kid she ever knew until I hit junior high.  I can tell you why now even though at the time I am sure I had no idea.  I am an introvert and I had no people skills and no idea how to make them as people werent animals!  Animals are easy, they think you are interesting even when you arent.  Junior high kids, they are evil!  Everyone is jockeying for position to be cool and they are mean and out to strike you down!  I had no idea how to deal with them and I didnt want to, I just wanted to be away from all the stimuli and people!!  I HATED junior high and high school, they were by far the most miserable time of my life and the first few years of college werent much better until I got an apartment and had my own space.

Now it is such constant overstimulation (David says that that is too much of a baby word :/ ) that it doesnt take much for me to get cranky and there is no getting away from it, yet.  In a week and a half Dr Sanders will be here and everything will get so much better as it will greatly reduce the number of people that I have to interact with on a daily basis and life will be awesome!   Cant wait!

Anyway on to less whiny stuff!  The weekend was good.  Saturday was pretty low key and all I had to do was attend my ex husbands girlfriends baby shower.  Yeah, AWKWARD!!!  There werent that many people there and Emma was the hostess and had worked very hard all week to get everything ready so I couldnt not go and support her.  I was very happy when it was time to go!


A walk with the dogs!



The canal was full.

Sunday was church and then Devri did my nails.  They really needed it and it is always nice for us to have some time to just chat.  They are like little birthday cupcake nails which is perfect because Emmas birthday is friday and I told her that I did them that way for her :D


Up and out of bed this morning and off to the gym.

squats and deads


*45# for 20

*95# for 10

*115# for 5

*135# for 4

*155# for 4

*165# for 2

*185# for 1

*205# for 1

*220# for 1

*175# for 5 sets of 5



*205# for 3

*245# for 3

*275# for 3

*225# for 4 sets of 3


incline situps 

*2 sets of 20



Today has been steady and boring.  Routine surgeries and standard illnesses.  They are good, I am not complaining because honestly, they are what pays the bills but there is nothing better than something that forces you to be the best at what you do be it a very ill patient, a bone surgery, or some other life threatening condition that the owners are willing to pay to have you try and save it.

We have been having lots of fun with the laser and it seems to do awesome with everything we try it on.  If nothing else my employees should use it enough to make it worth buying :)

The Road to Relentless- incline and stuff- week 12

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Have you ever sat down and wondered what your life was worth?  You know, if the whole if you died today what would people really be saying after you were cold and in the ground and nobody was worried about upsetting anyone.  Would they say that you were a great person?  That is kind of a lame response really.  It is a blanket statement for “you werent really a great person but they dont want to say anything bad because you werent really a bad person so we will just cover everything with a blanket and make it all look the same.”    Would they say that you worked hard but you only worked hard for yourself?  “He was a great worker and bought himself all the toys and fancy cars he wanted.” “He was the man or woman as the case may be!”   Or it could be more like “he was an asshole and I couldnt stand him and he never did anything for anyone.” (that would be my ex :)  )

I dont want a blanket thrown over my life as a description!  I dont want people to have to find nice words to say because that is what you do.  I want to know that my life was spent helping other people and making their better.  I know it sounds cliche but not very many people actually do it!!  Most people say they want to but first they have to accomplish this and that and get their kids through college.  How do you know you have that much time?   I want people to remember me as giving, a truly giving person.  The bible tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive.  It also tells us that there are those who scatter and yet gain even more unlike the one who withholds but comes to poverty. (proverbs 11:24)

I dont know any of the people involved in Relentless personally.  I have never meet any of them and I am sure some would ask why I would do something for children that are in states other than my own.  The answer, because I believe in what they are doing!  God doesnt care where the families live, He only cares that I am willing to help!  God doesnt have state lines, He is everywhere!!  He loves us all and He wants us to just love and give!  When I die, I want people to be able to honestly say that I gave all that I could and never held back!!

All that being said, I ask you to please consider donating a few dollars to help me reach my goal for Relentless.  It isnt about me, it is about helping those in need.  I would also like to thank Bob for his very generous donation and for always taking the time to read my rambles and to leave me great comments when I need them :)


Got up this morning and headed off to the gym.  Was very not motivated to be there but that is why I dont rely on motivation as my primary force to get me into the gym, it comes and goes, even within a workout.


Incline press and stuff

incline bench

*45# for 20

*45# for 10

*65# for 5

*95# for 4

*105# for 3

*115# for 2

*120# for 1

*95# for 16,15,15,15


These felt good but man, I was so slow in getting them accomplished :/  Terrible time management.


db press

*35# for 4 sets of 10


these were supposed to be db bench but there is not any shoulder work in this last program Paul did so I changed it.  My shoulders suck so bad I cant let them get any worse.


bb curls

*45# for 35


Total loser and it was 6 by the time I got done with these so only did one set and didnt even get to my db rows.  Such a loser!!


incline situps

*2 sets of 20



It was a pretty solid day at the clinic.  We only had about 5 regular surgeries and then a fracture repair.  The afternoon was busy and it ended with placing a booty cast on a mare with a bad heel bulb laceration.



yesterday we lasered it.




I lasered again today before I put on the booty cast.


Cast on and baby wants mom to get up so he can get a drink!

I want to ask all of you to please say a prayer for my dear friend Lupe.  She is in surgery right now for ovarian cancer and it has spread to the liver.  It is a very aggressive form of cancer but I am trusting God for complete restoration!  Please pray that Gods will be done in her life and that He would strengthen her and her family as they go through this great valley!  Thank you>


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