The Road to Relentless- squats and deads- week 13

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I am cranky this afternoon :/   There are days when I like being cranky but today is not one of them.  Most of the people who have known me for a long time will probably not believe this but my mom says that I was the happiest kid she ever knew until I hit junior high.  I can tell you why now even though at the time I am sure I had no idea.  I am an introvert and I had no people skills and no idea how to make them as people werent animals!  Animals are easy, they think you are interesting even when you arent.  Junior high kids, they are evil!  Everyone is jockeying for position to be cool and they are mean and out to strike you down!  I had no idea how to deal with them and I didnt want to, I just wanted to be away from all the stimuli and people!!  I HATED junior high and high school, they were by far the most miserable time of my life and the first few years of college werent much better until I got an apartment and had my own space.

Now it is such constant overstimulation (David says that that is too much of a baby word :/ ) that it doesnt take much for me to get cranky and there is no getting away from it, yet.  In a week and a half Dr Sanders will be here and everything will get so much better as it will greatly reduce the number of people that I have to interact with on a daily basis and life will be awesome!   Cant wait!

Anyway on to less whiny stuff!  The weekend was good.  Saturday was pretty low key and all I had to do was attend my ex husbands girlfriends baby shower.  Yeah, AWKWARD!!!  There werent that many people there and Emma was the hostess and had worked very hard all week to get everything ready so I couldnt not go and support her.  I was very happy when it was time to go!


A walk with the dogs!



The canal was full.

Sunday was church and then Devri did my nails.  They really needed it and it is always nice for us to have some time to just chat.  They are like little birthday cupcake nails which is perfect because Emmas birthday is friday and I told her that I did them that way for her :D


Up and out of bed this morning and off to the gym.

squats and deads


*45# for 20

*95# for 10

*115# for 5

*135# for 4

*155# for 4

*165# for 2

*185# for 1

*205# for 1

*220# for 1

*175# for 5 sets of 5



*205# for 3

*245# for 3

*275# for 3

*225# for 4 sets of 3


incline situps 

*2 sets of 20



Today has been steady and boring.  Routine surgeries and standard illnesses.  They are good, I am not complaining because honestly, they are what pays the bills but there is nothing better than something that forces you to be the best at what you do be it a very ill patient, a bone surgery, or some other life threatening condition that the owners are willing to pay to have you try and save it.

We have been having lots of fun with the laser and it seems to do awesome with everything we try it on.  If nothing else my employees should use it enough to make it worth buying :)

The Road to Relentless- incline and stuff- week 12

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Have you ever sat down and wondered what your life was worth?  You know, if the whole if you died today what would people really be saying after you were cold and in the ground and nobody was worried about upsetting anyone.  Would they say that you were a great person?  That is kind of a lame response really.  It is a blanket statement for “you werent really a great person but they dont want to say anything bad because you werent really a bad person so we will just cover everything with a blanket and make it all look the same.”    Would they say that you worked hard but you only worked hard for yourself?  “He was a great worker and bought himself all the toys and fancy cars he wanted.” “He was the man or woman as the case may be!”   Or it could be more like “he was an asshole and I couldnt stand him and he never did anything for anyone.” (that would be my ex :)  )

I dont want a blanket thrown over my life as a description!  I dont want people to have to find nice words to say because that is what you do.  I want to know that my life was spent helping other people and making their better.  I know it sounds cliche but not very many people actually do it!!  Most people say they want to but first they have to accomplish this and that and get their kids through college.  How do you know you have that much time?   I want people to remember me as giving, a truly giving person.  The bible tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive.  It also tells us that there are those who scatter and yet gain even more unlike the one who withholds but comes to poverty. (proverbs 11:24)

I dont know any of the people involved in Relentless personally.  I have never meet any of them and I am sure some would ask why I would do something for children that are in states other than my own.  The answer, because I believe in what they are doing!  God doesnt care where the families live, He only cares that I am willing to help!  God doesnt have state lines, He is everywhere!!  He loves us all and He wants us to just love and give!  When I die, I want people to be able to honestly say that I gave all that I could and never held back!!

All that being said, I ask you to please consider donating a few dollars to help me reach my goal for Relentless.  It isnt about me, it is about helping those in need.  I would also like to thank Bob for his very generous donation and for always taking the time to read my rambles and to leave me great comments when I need them :)


Got up this morning and headed off to the gym.  Was very not motivated to be there but that is why I dont rely on motivation as my primary force to get me into the gym, it comes and goes, even within a workout.


Incline press and stuff

incline bench

*45# for 20

*45# for 10

*65# for 5

*95# for 4

*105# for 3

*115# for 2

*120# for 1

*95# for 16,15,15,15


These felt good but man, I was so slow in getting them accomplished :/  Terrible time management.


db press

*35# for 4 sets of 10


these were supposed to be db bench but there is not any shoulder work in this last program Paul did so I changed it.  My shoulders suck so bad I cant let them get any worse.


bb curls

*45# for 35


Total loser and it was 6 by the time I got done with these so only did one set and didnt even get to my db rows.  Such a loser!!


incline situps

*2 sets of 20



It was a pretty solid day at the clinic.  We only had about 5 regular surgeries and then a fracture repair.  The afternoon was busy and it ended with placing a booty cast on a mare with a bad heel bulb laceration.



yesterday we lasered it.




I lasered again today before I put on the booty cast.


Cast on and baby wants mom to get up so he can get a drink!

I want to ask all of you to please say a prayer for my dear friend Lupe.  She is in surgery right now for ovarian cancer and it has spread to the liver.  It is a very aggressive form of cancer but I am trusting God for complete restoration!  Please pray that Gods will be done in her life and that He would strengthen her and her family as they go through this great valley!  Thank you>

The Road to Relentless- front squats and stiffs- week 12

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Ok to start off todays post I am going to ask you to consider making a donation to my fundraising page for Relentless Detroit.  Relentless is a powerlifting meet to raise money for children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses or life long genetic abnormalities.This will be my first powerlifting meet ever and I am very excited.


I am getting cranky.  I am going to blame Devri because she was talking about how she was starting to PMS this morning and we are usually pretty close to the same and I have been getting crankier as the day has gone on.   Men have no idea how lucky they are to not have to put with shifting hormones!!

Got up this morning and headed off the gym.


front squats and stiffs


front squats

*45# for 20

*45# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*135# for 3

*155# for 2

*165# for 1

*135# for 5 sets of 5


Im too slow on these but I have no idea how to make them faster.  There is way too much going on in my brain that I am trying to think about during squats.  It drives Paul crazy!



*185# for 3 sets of 10



I suck at these too.  I cant keep a neutral spine to save my life!!


leg press

*580# for 3 sets of 10


was having some bladder issues and so had to move the seat back one which greatly decreases my ROM but if I didnt, I would have been peeing myself every rep :/


Incline situps

*2 sets of 20



It has been a pretty average day.  Surgeries went well and the afternoon was consistently busy.   We had a pig come in to be castrated.  Why they waited so long I have no idea.  Good thing I have good strong help!


pig in a crate!


no mas huevos

We got our laser installed yesterday so we have been trying it out on things all day.  This little dog came in and has a burn all down its back and so we cleaned it up and lasered it.  They are going to bring it back everyday and I am excited to see how it works.




after one treatment.

We had a mini horse with colic come in after 5 and it took a bit to get it treated and then out the door.  Then a little puppy came in that had been stepped on by a child and it has a broken elbow and so the owner is trying to decide what to do.

Im still cranky and tired :)



skittles eating the dog food, silly cat!



Watch toad outside the clinic last night when I went over for an emergency.



The Road to Relentless- bench and tris- week 12

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I have been blogging here for, shoot,  two and a half years!  And for three years before that I posted my workouts on and a few other forums which thankfully I got smart enough to get off of!  Nothing will bring frustration and misery into your life like the opinions of people on the internet that know nothing more than what they have read on, the internet!  There are times when I wonder why I bother but then I remind myself that I wouldnt work out as hard if I didnt have some kind of accountability to whatever random person happens by.  I guess on one hand it is also hard to just give it up after almost 6 years of doing it but then again, does it even matter?  Ramble over, Im just lazy and dont want to type :)

Every morning while in the gym I make a facebook post about some random subject that I want to talk about.  I always post it with a picture from that days training session.  Occasionally one of my facebook friends shares my post on their wall if they agree with what I have written.  Today someone shared my post and one of their friends commented that what I said would be better if I was wearing something different.  It got me to thinking a) people are very judgmental, including myself b) what does the way a person looks have anything to do with the relevancy of what they are saying?  Does someone who works very hard to keep themselves fit not able to write anything that has meaning?  Is the fact that I wear only a sports bra, as do probably 50% of women in the gym, make me unintelligent?  Every fitness/bodybuilding/crossfit poster I see has a woman on it wearing a sports bra and gym shorts and everybody seems to love what they say.

I have always worn a sports bras to the gym.  It started 25 years ago when I was in college and 40 lbs overweight and I sweated like race horse and drenched my t shirts and I hated the feel of them against my skin.  So I went to wearing just a sports bra because it allowed me to be cooler and more comfortable.  I didnt have boobs back then and I didnt have any abs either, I was fat and not in any kind of shape.   Today, I still wear just a sports bra because, well, because it is more comfortable and sweat soaked shirts make me feel claustrophobic.  I dont do it for any other reason than that. The difference in the me today from the me 25 years ago is now I have bought boobs and a few ab muscles that show sometimes and I weigh a bit less.
Could I wear a tank top and be more acceptable to those who are uncomfortable with the fact that I am in the gym wearing a sport bra that is meant to be worn in the gym?  I suppose so but why?   I am in the gym at 4:30 am.  There are few people there and they dont care.  Yes, I take pictures.  Do you know why?  I take them because I enjoy photography and I enjoy trying to take a picture that tells a story.  There isnt anyone else in the gym so I use myself.   I work monday through friday about 10 hours day sometimes more, I have no other hobbies at this time other than the gym and the few pics I take while in there.   Does it make who I am bad because I workout in a sports bra and have fake boobs?  Is what I have learned over my life not relevant because of the way I look?  Does working out and trying to be in shape make me irrelevant?  Cant a person look good and still have something to share with the world?
I havent wore makeup, other than mascara, for almost a year.  Nothing on my face other lotion and mascara on my eyelashes.  I dont wear expensive clothes and I dont do anything with my hair.  I am not trying to be a sex object, I am in the gym, working out in my natural state, to the best of my ability and I enjoy photography, specifically a story telling type photo.  So what does that have anything to do with my thoughts on changing yourself if you want your life to be something different?  I post a picture because I like to have a picture with longer posts, it makes it seem like it means more.  Anyway………..
Got up this morning at 3:50 and headed off to the gym.
bench and tris
*45# for 20
*65# for 10
*95# for 5
*115# for 4
*125# for 3
*135# for 2
*145# for 1
*155# for 1
*125# for 4 sets of 6
*105# for 15
bench felt pretty good today.
dips on the other hand, not so good :/
db lying tri extensions
*20# for 4 sets of 12
incline situps
*2 sets of 20
I am very happy to be making myself do abs again.  I dont like them but my abs desperately need them!
It was a pretty good day.  Things werent crazy busy but we stayed moving.  This time of year things slow down as people are going on last vacations and school starts in a few weeks so they are back to school shopping and doing other things with their money than spending it on their pets.
Today we all wore pink in support of Kate the Great who had some extensive tests done today and was under anesthesia for 6 hours.  The kids were great and put pink on every one of the girls at the office who didnt have any pink on. :)
The guy comes tomorrow to do the laser install and I cant wait.  It is a very expensive new toy but if it does everything that they say it will, it will be worth every penny!
Off to karate to watch Emma.  She has decided to continue doing it for now.  I hope she sticks with it as she is pretty good at it and it is good for her.


The Road to Relentless- squats and deads- week 11

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It is going to be a good weekend.  There is nothing like having a few days of hopefully doing nothing, other than getting stuff ready for Emmas birthday party.  She has been driving me crazy asking me to help her with ideas and I am not a party person and dont have such ideas taking up space in my brain.  :)  I keep telling her to seek the help of her crafty aunts.  She has decided on a theme and different things that she wants so that is a good thing.

We had a couple of interesting surgeries yesterday.  The first one was a dog that had been run over by its owner six weeks previously and they had just decided to rush it on in because the swelling on the front of carpal joint was about baseball sized and the dog was still lame.  It had a luxation of the radial carpal joint with tons of scar tissue build up from the body trying to stabilize it.  Worse yet was they were still using the dog to help work the cattle.


I struggled and struggled trying to get it reduced and finally decided to just drill a pin down through it and thanks be to God, it lined everything up very nicely and it all feels quite stable now.



The second surgery was a little dog that came down from phoenix with an abdominal mass.  I thought it was a splenic mass as the dog was very anemic and very old and very small, only 5# with the mass.  The owners wanted to try so we used Marys dog Harmony as a blood donor, we had saved Harmonys life about 4 years ago when her owners had left her chained up and she ended up with a broken leg that was sloughing off.  She was very pregnant and they were going to put her to sleep but we offered for them to sign her over to the clinic and they did so.  We amputated her leg and a few days later she delivered 5 healthy pups.  Now she is giving back by donating her blood.


Anyway, the mass turned out to be a huge uterine hematoma which was easy to remove but unfortunately, the little dog died in recovery :(  I hate it when that happens but it does happen especially with tiny old dogs!


Went to bed early and got up at 3:50 this morning.  The hamstring was feeling a bit better until I had to chase this dog that escaped from the clinic and that made it not very happy.  I was concerned that it would affect my squats.


squats and deads


*45# for 20

*95# for 10

*115# for 5

*135# for 4

*155# for 3

*165# for 2

*185# for 1

*205# for 1

*165# for 5 sets of 5


The hamstring didnt bother me much at all.  I could feel it more towards the end when I was getting tired so I cut out a few sets of the 165#.  It does lead me to believe that I am not engaging my posterior chain enough when I squat so when all is feeling better I will be working on that.



*205# for 3

*225# for 3

*265# for 3

*205# for 2 sets of 6


These were a little harder but tolerable.  I need to stop thinking so much and just start pulling.


incline situps

*2 sets of 20


I was suppose do 100 lunges but was out of time, bummer. :)


Today has been pretty slow which is typical for this time of year as so many people are gone on vacation or thinking about vacation or returning from vacation and their money is low.

Zac has his swim finals tonight starting at 4pm.  He is all stressed about it and was lamenting the other night about how bad he thought he would do.  I told him he should swim for Kate the Great,(like her facebook page) one of the Relentless kids from Relentless Minnesota, and he got all excited.   He is going to have David (because David writes way way way neater than I) write on his arm Relentless on one arm and Kate the Great on the other arm.  Kate sent him a good luck video this morning and he is doing the happy dance around the clinic every time he watches it!

Speaking of Relentless, the donation sites are now up.  All the monies raised go to support families of children with cancer or other life threatening illnesses.  Please donate a small amount, or a big amount, and help these families.    You can click here to donate.




And the very pretty skittles!


The Road to Relentless- accessory lifting- week 11

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I think maybe Paul has given up on me :/  Three days of non returned emails so apparently he thinks I am a lost cause.   Which I probably am as I am getting no where quickly and it is making me cranky with myself.   It is a struggle trying to be realistic and balance ones capabilities with ones desires.  My desire is to be way stronger and lift more than what I am currently doing, you know, pull 405, bench 200, and squat 315.  Realistically, never going to happen with my current work schedule of 10+ hours a day at least 5 days a week.  Im too old and too tired and it is making me too frustrated.

Anywho, it has been a very boring week so far at work.  We have been busy enough but nothing very exciting or interesting has come in.  Well, I guess that is not entirely true as we have a grand champion black and tan coon hound that has some unknown illness.  The owners wanted an exploratory surgery done on him and that just revealed a small section of bowel that was inflamed but everything else was normal.  The dogs temp was 105 and we have been doing supportive treatment for him.  Today his temp is normal but he still isnt eating or acting right.

We also had a dog come in today that had been run over by the owner 6 weeks ago.  Nothing like rushing it right in.  It has a dislocated radial carpal joint and since it is their number one cow dog they decided to do surgery on it.  I am going to try and fuse the joint but it isnt going to be easy.  I wish people would bring in injured animals when the injury happens and not weeks to months later.

Ok, so blah blah blah and up this morning reluctantly at 3:50 and off to the gym.  The one thing I dont like about the three day a week workout schedule is that what I am doing each day is never the same on the same day.  Before it was always squats on monday, bench on tues, fronts on thurs and accessories on fri.  Now it is just random and I dont like random.

Accessory work

incline bench

*45# for 20

*65# for 10

*95# for 5

*105# for 3

*115# for 1

*95# for 15, 15, 12, 15



It was only supposed to be the 95 for AMAP for four sets but that just didnt seem like enough so I added some stuff.


db bench

*40# for 10,10,8,5


paul has me doing these with a different grip and it is amazing how much different they feel and how much harder they are and well, they are just different.  I dont really like it because it makes me realize how weak I am but I suppose the only way to get less weak is to do things that make you feel that way and work on doing them better!!


db rows

*55# for 3 sets of 20


bb curls

*45# for 30,20


I was toast by this point.  We have been getting some monsoon rains and the humidity is a killer to us desert dwellers.  That and a client of mine has started going around the same time and he wanted help with his deads so I spent about 15 mins going over that with him.


incline situps

*2 sets of 20

I am so fat right now but doing some ab work makes me feel better


Just finished up with afternoon appointments and I am ready to be done.   Emma has karate tonight, I think, so I had best get things finished up and get ready.

The Road to Relentless- front squats and stiffs- week 11

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Im feeling very lazy today!  Thats the problem with having a whirlwind three day trip up north.  Two days traveling and one day visiting and such and it really never feels like you get time to unwind and now, I want to go home and just hang on the couch and do nothing but, I cant!

Thursday night after work Zac and I head ed up to Phoenix as we were flying to Boise the next morning and it is a three hour drive to reach the airport.   We are heading into our monsoon season and the clouds were beautiful and the air cool.


We stopped in Miami and got some dinner and headed on down the road.


As we were coming into Florence junction we could see a huge dirt storm on the horizon and it looked pretty cool.



As we got into Apache Junction it was obvious that we were going to intersect the storm and we did and fast.


What I didnt realize is how HUGE they are.  I figured it would be a few miles and we would be out of it but nope, it was the entire 35+ mile drive through all the other cities and into Phoenix!  Crazy!  I will say I was a bit surprised at how many people pulled off the road to try and wait it out.  Visibility was low but it was NOTHING like a snow storm!  We cruised and easy 85 all the way!

Had a nice time with my family in Idaho.  All us girls hadnt been together in almost 3 years.


Saturday my dad and I went over and hung out with the great Amy Wattles!  She showed us some awesome stuff that they are working on in their gym and taught me some grip strength stuff.  It was a lot of fun and I wished she lived closer so we could do some training!


We flew back on sunday and got home about 7pm last night.  I was happy to be sleeping in my own bed!  Up this morning at 3:50 and out the door to the gym.


front squats and stiffs

front squats

*45# for 20

*45# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*135# for 3

*155# for 2

*165# for 1

*135# for 5 sets of 5


total suckage today on these :/  They were so slow!


stiff legged deads

*185# for 3 sets of 8


leg press

*450# for 3 sets of 10


incline situps

*2 sets of 20



Today has been a pretty average day.  Nothing very exciting has come in and surgeries all went smoothly this morning.  It is nice to have a day like this every now and again but I dont particularly care for them when I am tired and want to go do nothing.   The afternoon has been consistent and I think we are almost done with appointments.  Then it is off to karate to watch Emma.  She had a bit of a melt down on the way home last night and said she wanted to take a break.  When I finally got her to stop crying she said she didnt want to do karate any longer and I told her that she had to finish out the year that I had paid for and if she didnt want to go on, that was fine but she had to finish this year.  She thought that was ok and she was back to her chatty shelf before too long.


Me and my sisters


Us girls with our parents.

I have some better pics taken with my camera but I havent downloaded them to the computer yet so for now, the quick Iphone pics will have to work.


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