The Road to Relentless- explosive bench and heavy squats- week 1 and 2

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It has been a very busy few days, well, today hasnt been busy, I am just lazy today :)

At the beginning of the summer Emma and I made a deal that if she went all summer without eating sweets that she and I would have a mother/daughter weekend.  She did an amazing job and so I made us reservations at a resort in Scottsdale and we planned to leave when surgeries were done on friday.  As luck would have it it was crazy busy friday with not only a full surgery schedule but a bazillion walk ins!

One client from phoenix brought in three cane corso pups to have their tails and dewclaws removed and his male to have pennHip x rays done.  All three pups had dewclaws on all four feet that were very extensive and one of them also needed to have a hernia repaired.  Then a german shepherd came in for vomiting and lethargy and he had a foreign body that I ended up having to cut out of his intestines.




It was after 2 before we got away from the clinic.  I was not really paying attention and in a hurry because I knew that Emma was very excited about going and therefore was speeding down by the college and got pulled over!  Thank the Lord that this is smallville and the officer knew who I was and he told me to go on.

We made it to the resort by 5:30 and got checked into our room and headed out to dinner at Fogo De Chao!  The service was horrible but the food was great.  After that we went back to the room and Emma went swimming while I watched.  In the morning we had breakfast and then headed off to the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.  First stop was a hair salon where I got my hair highlighted and Emma had hers cut off.  She looks absolutely amazing!  I even managed to get her talked into getting her ears pierced.  There was a lot of drama and tears but she got it done and has been so happy about it since!


She is so beautiful!


We left the mall and headed east and stopped and did a bit more shopping and then off to home!  Three hours later we were home safe and ready for bed!  Got up sunday and went to church and came home and got ready to go to the gym for explosive bench workout.


explosive bench


*45# for 10

*65# for 10

*95# for 5

*100# for 3 sets of 3 with three different gripson the smooth, a thumbs length from the smooth and with pinkie on the power ring.


close grip bench

*100# for 3 sets of 8


meadow rows

*45# for 3 sets of 8


this was the first time I had ever done these.  Interesting lift.  One has to have a decent grip for it.


db shoulder press

*40# for 3 sets of 8


OH db extensions SS db curls

*40# for 3 sets of 8 SS 20# for 3 sets of 12


incline situps

*2 sets of 20


side bends

*45# for 2 sets of 10



Did a bunch of nothing the rest of the day and was very happy to go to bed.  Up and out of bed after a poor night of sleep and out the door to the gym.


heavy squat

safety squat bar

*62# for 5

*82# for 5

*102# for 5

*132# for 5

*152# for 3

*172# for 3

*192# for 3




I totally sucked on these today!!  I was hoping to increase on these today but I sucked to bad :(


box squats

*160# for 3 sets of 5


worked on keeping my lats tight, well after the first horrible set, and what a difference that made in my box squats.

glute/ham raises

* 4 sets of 12


split leg squats w rear leg up

*20# db for 3 sets of 10


single leg glute bridge

*3 sets of 10


incline situps

*2 sets of 20



We were open today at the office but it has been pretty slow given that it is Labor Day.  I am ready for it to be over and to go home and fix dinner and get to bed early since I slept horrible last night.


We have a client that frequently cant pay his bill and when he starts getting scared of Tammy he will trade a french bulldog puppy for part of his bill.  I dont need any more dogs so I decided to raffle her off to raise money for Relentless.  We raised $3000 in two weeks.  It was awesome! If you havent done so please consider donating to Relentless.  All the money goes to support families that have children with cancer or other life threatening illness.

The Road to Relentless- heavy bench – week 1

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It has been very slow today.  I hate slow days!  We had 6 or 7 surgeries this morning but they were routine and didnt take much time.  The afternoon hasnt been too bad and compared to a few years ago this would have been a busy day but now having just one side of the appointment schedule booked and the other side just half booked seems slow given that often we have two sides completely booked the the third half booked.  Interesting how time and work changes ones perspective on things.

As much as I am glad that school is in full swing and the kids are occupied 4 days of the week all day, the homework is a rat bastard.  I know things are different now than when I was in school 35 years ago but hoping grasshoppers, 2 hours of homework and reading every night for young kids?!!  When are they supposed to be a kid?

Zac goes from being ok with football to hating it. The coaching is good but the team is so small that I have this feeling they are going to be creamed :/  There is definitely not equal division among the two teams.  Zac was on the other team last year and all of the other kids are still there except Zac which I am not saying he deserves to be on that team because he definitely lacked effort but it is interesting to compare them and see the stark differences.  If nothing else he will get significantly more playing time and understand the game a bit more.  One has to teach kids to see the good in every circumstance!  Life is hard and it never gets easier so one best learn to cope with it young!


Got up this morning at 3:50 and headed out the door.

Heavy bench

floor press

*45# for 5

*95# for 5

*115# for 5

*135# for 3

*155# for 3

*140# for 2 sets of 5


This was the first time ever for doing floor presses.  I was not entirely sure what to expect but they werent as bad as I had thought they would be so that is good :)  I need to work on keeping my shoulder blades tight and my elbows in.  I will admit to not thinking at the at all and just trying to get familiar with the short ROM.


db bench

*50# for 4 sets of 8



again need to keep shoulders tight and use my lats more.  Will try and be much more conscious of where my arms are and just trying to keep things tight.


bent over rows

*115# for 4 sets of 8



face pulls

*40# for 4 sets of 15

this was too light but it has been probably 3 years since I have done facepulls and I want entirely sure what I could do and still keep good form so that I didnt cheat with other muscle groups


tri pushdowns

*80# for 4 sets of 12

again a bit too light.  it isnt a bad weight if I keep the rest down to <30 secs.


incline situps

*2 sets of 20

On a side note they did replace the door on the bathroom but it doesnt have a handle yet and it is too big and wont shut but at least there is a door, right?


Monday night Zac “forgot” to bring his homework home so he had learning lab for an hour after school and then straight to football practice.  We got home late and had dinner and then it was off to bed.  He had done most of his homework during learning lab but hadnt read and yet didnt say anything about that until about 7:05 this morning.  So we did 20 mins of reading and I told him he was just going to have to deal with the consequences of not having it done.   The only way he will learn to be more responsible for that stuff is if he has to suffer a bit, the only thing about him suffering is then I have to suffer too :)

Emma is doing very well.  She gets all her homework done and for the most part does pretty good on it.  She has a tendency to go too fast and not pay enough attention to things with math so we have been having to redo that.  She can do it, she just needs to slow down.  She takes after her mother in that faster is better when it really isnt!  Friday we are leaving after morning surgeries and going to Scottsdale for a girls date.  We will be doing some shopping and staying at a resort and just having a general good time just the two of us.  We are both excited and it will be good to get away with just her for some mother/daughter time.

The Road to Relentless- heavy squats- week 1

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It was a pretty good weekend.  Saturday started early with an emergency at 4:30 am and I couldnt get back to sleep afterwards because it is pretty close to my normal wake up time half the week so I got up and got ready to head off to the gym.  Emma had gone to yard sales with her dads girlfriend and Zac went to the gym with me while David went to perform a wedding.

It was a pretty simple workout because I hadnt gotten any bis or tris in last week.

Bis and tris

preacher curls

*15# for 20

*25# for 20

*35# for 15, 15


hammer db curls

20# for 4 sets of 12


lying tri extensions

*35# for 4 sets of 12


tri pushdowns

*80# for 3 sets of 10


incline situps

*2 sets of 20


After the workout Zac and I went to walmart and then I was off for a much needed massage.  My back was in terrible shape and I was thankful to be able to get it worked on.  Massage therapy is awesome!

There were a million emergencies afterwards and it seemed like several hours were spent at the clinic taking care of sick pets.  The kids had wanted to see a movie but of course they couldnt agree on which one they both wanted to see.  I had an emergency come in right before we were supposed to leave so they went and I went when I was done.  I was supposed to go and see Expendables 3 with David and Zac but as I was walking down the hall Emma came out and she was in this one about football so since I really didnt want to see Expendables, I went in and watched with her.  It was a good movie based on a true story.  I dont remember what it was called but it was about some high school football team that had 152 game winning streak, or something like that and then they lost.  It was good and I enjoyed it and even cried a couple of times :)  getting soft in my old age!

Sunday was church and more emergencies and Devri did my nails.  They are a very fall orange sparkly color.


Got up this morning and headed off to the gym.  New trainer and new program in hand and looking forward to moving closer to some more specific training.  The first few weeks will be some trial and error given that it is a new trainer and they are trying to get an idea of where I am at.

Heavy squat day

safety squat bar

*62# for 5

*82# for 5

*112# for 5

*132# for 5

*152# for 3

*172# for 3

*182# for 3

*192# for 3


form was starting to fall apart at 192# and it was supposed to be working sets of three so I stopped there.


box squats

*135# for 3 sets of 8


dont have an actual commercial box but my awesome husband made me one several months ago.  It is a bit below parallel but thats probably a good thing for me!


single leg glute bridge

*3 sets of 10 each leg


glute/ham raises

*3 sets of 8


back extensions

*60# for 3 sets of 12

need to go up in weight on these


cable ab crunches

*60# for 3 sets of 12

need to go up in weight on these as well.


incline situps

*2 sets of 20


During my squatting this dude went into the bathroom and got locked in there.  This is a run down gym and there is only one bathroom.  For the past 6 months or more the door handle has been a bit sticky.  Well the tumblers finally stopped working and the dude couldnt get out!!  He ended up ripping the door off the hinges and I cant say as I blame him!  Who wants to be stuck in a gross dirty shitter all day!!  Poor Jimmy didnt know what to do so I told him to get one of the blankets from the closet and nail it up so that at least there was something over the door if people needed to use it.  It will probably take them months to get it fixed.  All I can say is that I was glad it wasnt me!




It has been a very very busy monday!!  We didnt get started on surgeries until almost 10.  The afternoon has been ok and it is almost time for the kids to get home and then it will be off to karate and football and then the dreaded homework afterwards.


The Road to Relentless- front squats and stiffs- week 17

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Yeah it is friday friday friday!  It is amazing how happy I can be about the weekend when I dont I have work all weekend at the horse races or some other event!    Just have to get through the afternoon appointments and Zacs football and then bed, sweet bed :)

Zac did really good at football practice yesterday!  Usually he is whiny and complains but yesterday he worked hard and ran hard and was actually happy at the end of practice.  I hope this a trend that continues.  His first game is Sept 6th.

Got up this morning at 3:50 and headed off to the gym.

front squats and stiffs

front squats

*45# for 20,10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*135# for 3

*155# for 2

*175# for 1

*135# for 3 sets of 5



*205# for 3 sets of 5

*135# for 3 sets of 10


incline situps

*2 sets of 20


I was lazy this workout because things are changing on monday and so I kind of half assed it today!  It happens sometimes!



It has been a very busy day today.   Part of that was because it was pretty much just Jenn and I at the office because Billie and Dr Sanders had a couple of farm calls.  I like busy days as it makes them go by faster!   The only bummer was there were no interesting cases that came in!  We did have a ton of walk ins and random stuff though.

I am going to try and get into the gym tomorrow for some accessory training as Devri is going to redo my nails on sunday after church.  We were hoping that we could get another week out of them but two have broke and we might as well just get them done and over with.

Excited for monday to start and to get going with a new program.  Have a great weekend all!

The Road to Relentless- death by donuts- week 17

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I feel like I am a million pounds of disgusting!  And to make it worse I am still burping up the disgusting sweetness of half a dozen donuts!  There has been a challenge going around the Relentless lifters to eat 6 donuts and donate $6 to someones page!  I got tagged twice yesterday so I did the dreaded deed this morning.  I got three in and then did a small mass removal that took about 15 mins and then ate the other three and I have been sick since!  But it is all for charity so I suppose it is worth it.  I donated my money to Jessica and Kevin Ball!   Donuts are gross!



So monday I got up and headed off to the gym and I couldnt find my video camera.  I thought I had grabbed it from the charger but apparently I hadnt because it was still at the clinic when I got there later :/  So no video which is ok because I sucked!  Not sure why I struggled so much but by the time I go to deads, I had nothing and I had had good rest over the weekend and eaten well and there was no excuse for it :(

squats and deads


*45# for 20

*95# for 10

*115# for 5

*135# for 4

*155# for 3

*185# for 2

*205# for 1

*225# for 1 barely :/

*185# for 3 sets of 3

*155# for 3 sets of 5



*225# for 3

*275# for 3

*315# for 1

I am so discouraged because it was all I could do to pull that for 1 :(


Incline situps

*2 sets of 20


Tuesday is off day and so I slept in and took the kids to school and then Devri and I headed down to Fleming TB Farm to do some castrations and xrays.  It was such a beautiful day with some rain and no hurry to get back to the clinic because Dr Sanders was there handling things so we went to Apple Annies and bought all sorts of stuff that we didnt need :)  Like pies and pistachios and cheese curds!









Large Talus ridge fracture.



Had an emergency call at 2 am regarding a chihuahua in labor.  The dog had just started and so I told them to give her 30 – 60 mins and see if she could get one pushed out on her own.  When the alarm went off I thought, ah, I never heard back from them so the dog must have had them on her own.  I rolled out of bed and headed off to the gym and the phone rang while I was headed there and there were no pups yet.  I told her to head on down and since they lived an hour away I figured that I had time to get my workout in.

bench and stuff


*45# for 20

*65# for 10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*125# for 3

*135# for 2

*145# for 1

*155# for 1

*125# for 4 sets of 5

*105# for 16

I cut out a few sets because I needed to get out early.








incline situps

*2 sets of 20

I was having some bad ulcer pain and half way through my first set of inclines it went away.  Hot diggity, next time I am having issues I am heading to the gym for some incline situps!



I was just leaving the gym when the lady called to let me know she was almost to town.  Worked out perfectly.  Got to the clinic and delivered two cute little chihuahua mutt babies and went home and showered and took the monchers to school.




We had a super busy surgery schedule and all sorts of walk ins and such and everybody worked their tails off.  We had a pound dog come up from Willcox with a broken leg.  A rescue group had agreed to take the dog but they needed to find out what was wrong with it first.  It had a distal femoral fracture and so I told them I would pin it at cost and neuter the dog and anything else it needed at cost.  I love doing bone surgeries so it makes me happy and helps the rescue group and saves the dogs life :)






The afternoon has been busy as well and I am very impressed that I have managed to get this post done especially given that I wanted to crawl into bed post insulin rush and sugar crash!    Thank goodness for a white monster :)

The Road to Relentless- front squats and stiffs- week 16

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I tried to take a nap at lunch but it was ruined by the contractor who did not build my house to code and is now doing everything in his ability to do the cheapest thing possible to fix it.  It is not my fault that they didnt build my house to code and I am not about to settle for some half assed plan that might or might not work and isnt a guarantee that it wont prevent the trusses that you put on the ground not to rot!  Grrrrrr

Yesterday I had to drive to phoenix and I wore slacks and 6 inch heels because, well because 6 inch heels are awesome!  But they are not awesome on the joints and soft tissues!  My hips and knees were very angry with me yesterday and the drive home was dreadful.  No one to blame but myself.  It was a quick trip up and back and God gave me favor in what I had to be up there for so all is good.

It is amazing how traveling when you arent used to it is exhausting!  I was out by 8:30 if not sooner and slept like a rock.  Up at 3:50 and out the door.

front squats and stiffs


*45# for 20,10

*95# for 5

*115# for 4

*125# for 3

*135# for 2

*165# for 1

*185# for 1

*155# for 3 sets of 3

*135# for 3 sets of 5



these felt pretty good this morning, all but the 185#, it was horrible.


stiff legged deads

*205# for 3 sets of 5

*185# for 2 sets of 8


incline situps

*2 sets for 20



It has been a pretty slow day at the clinic today.  Surgeries went smoothly and then my nap was disturbed :/  The afternoon has been consistent and so far all is good.  I know Jenn hates it when I say that I would love to do some bone surgeries or major exploratories but they are interesting and challenging and make the regular stuff not so regular.  I dont know, maybe it is just the ability to save somethings life or fix something that is broken and make it whole again.

Emma has karate tonight and Zac has football practice so it will be hectic and kids will be tired and it will be tough doing homework tonight but we will get through it.

A letter to my son

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My dearest Zachary,

Today I was praying for you as I drove to Phoenix. Do you know that I fast and pray for you almost every week? You and your sister are the most important people in my life along with David! It is my job as your mother to pray for you, to intercede for you, to seek God on your behalf! I am to raise you according to the word of God and I can not do that if I am not reading the bible and praying!
You struggle so much with school. Not because you aren’t smart but because you are like your mom and you don’t really like to try very hard. You want everything to come easy. I understand that because I am much the same way. But my beloved son, life is hard! Life will always be about making yourself try harder and not always liking what you have to do!
I was praying and asking God to help you. I was asking Him to make you smarter so that reading and math would be easier for you. Do you know what He told me? He told me that you need to struggle! Things that come easy do not teach us anything! It is the struggle that teaches and trains us! It is the struggle that strengthens us! It builds our character, it molds us into who we were meant to be! We learn perseverance and to continue on even when it is difficult! We get endurance for life! We learn to appreciate the work that others have put forth to get to where they are! We build respect for ourselves and others. We teach ourselves to be successful and we gain wisdom and knowledge!
Isn’t that amazing? All this school work that you hate, the difficulty that you have, it is all molding and shaping you! It is preparing you for the road ahead! If it were easy then you would never truly enjoy success! If it were easy you would be weak and not able to bear up under the load of the weight of trials that are to come! If it were easy you would not have the endurance to finish the race!
It is your struggle that makes you stronger! God has a perfect plan for your life! I do not know what that is but I know that these times of struggle are preparing you for it! Isn’t that awesome!? Ten, twenty, fifty years down the road God is molding you to withstand the storm! You will be a mighty warrior in His army!
You, my dear son, you are going to stand and stand therefore because God is making you strong in your current struggle! When the trials come and the tribulation is all around you, you will have no fear for you will know that God has prepared you for that very day!
I will no longer pray that God makes it easier for you, I will pray that God will strengthen you and give you the determination to push through even though it is hard! I will pray for wisdom to lead you and guide you on your way! I will pray for you my son! That is the best gift I will ever be able to give you!
All my love,




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